Since the beginning of 2013, due to my passion and love of children, I have decided to channel my efforts into building an ultra modern playground for special students at the DzorwuluSpecial School.

It is my sincere belief that due to the large reach of audience that I have through my movies, I can use that to positively influence and change the lives of children that may not have the opportunity to experience a fulfilling life. 

I believe it is my duty to positively affect the lives of the underprivileged children, with the intent of creating an enabling environment for them to have fun and enjoy their playing moments like other children around the world thus the commissioning of the playground on the 25th November which also marks my birthday. 

In attendance will be a man of great political influence(name will be revealed later),Stephen Appiah(renowned footballer),personnel from electronic and print media ;Tv3, Daily Guide, Mirror, Showbiz, Bloggers etc.